Poly Bridge: Even you can be an engineer!


When I was young, I dreamt of becoming an engineer, but soon I started working with complex mathematics in school. At that point my brain decided that it simply doesn't want to come to terms with all the calculus and algebraic formulae I had to deal with. That's when I understood that my dream will never come true. Until now. Today, I discovered that anyone can be an engineer, more or less. How? Simple. The answer is Poly Bridge.

Poly Bridge is a bridge-building simulator made by the people at Dry Cactus that will let you unleash your creativity and create wonderful bridges across campaign which has no less than 105 levels. The player's aim is to build a bridge strong enough to get different vehicles safely across a river. In the game's main mode you are restricted by a budget for the materials you are using. You are provided with a variety of materials, such as wood, steel beams, ropes and cables.

10 seconds into the game and you're already building your first bridge. The tutorial does a great job at explaining to you how everything works and how to efficiently manage your resources. After a few minutes, you will find yourself working your way through the campaign levels, figuring how to build a sturdy bridge that will do fine, and often refining it to reduce the budget or make it even more efficient. There are 105 levels divided in 7 areas, each having 15 levels that will take place in a certain environment, specific to the area.

If you ever feel tired of trying to finish a level and you feel like relaxing a bit, you can always switch to the sandbox mode. There you have unlimited money which you can use to build literally any bridge that comes to your mind. You can go wild and create the most complex bridge the world has ever seen, and then if you feel like sharing it with the community, you can publish your design on the Workshop for everyone to try and solve.

The soundtrack made by the canadian Adrian Talens creates a unique atmosphere. The chilled guitar-based music will keep you relaxed during the gameplay, as the levels become more difficult.

Poly Bridge is a game that every fan of the genre will certainly enjoy. It has a high replayability rate, since you can always come back and try to build a cheaper but stronger bridge, or you can go into sandbox mode and build the craziest bridges ever built - your imagination is the limit. For it's price tag ($11.99 at the time this post has been written) the game is incredibly well polished and it can keep you in front of the computer for hours, making you forget about everything else. Even your kids.

Name: Poly Bridge
Developer: Dry Cactus
Publisher: Dry Cactus
Released: July 12, 2016
MSRP: $11.99

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