Kerbal Space Program first DLC: Making History


After almost 6 years of being available to the public, Kerbal Space Program is reaching people's attention once again. The game spent 2 years under the Steam Early Access tag before being launched in 2015. However, despite the strong launch it had, I haven't heard or read much about it since then.

Today, however, Squad made a very important announcement on their website: KSP will get its first expansion, Making History. It will have two distinct components: The Mission Builder, a set of "intuitive drag-and-drop tools" that will allow the player design and share his own missions, and the History Pack, a series of pre-made missions that will recreate historical missions into space.

The expansion also adds new parts to the game, such as fuel tanks, adapters, decouplers, command pods inspired by the American and Soviet space programs, and also Kerbal Personal Parachutes, which can save a Kerbal's life, unless they use it in the space void.

Another feature that will come together with Making History are leaderboards, giving players a way to compare their performances at the end of missions.

The price and release date of the Making History are still to be announced, but Squad confirmed in a separate post that they will keep the promise they made in April 2013, that all updates and expansions (this one included) will be free for everyone who bought the game prior to that month's ending.

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