Europa Universalis IV: Mandate of Heaven arrives in April


Paradox Interactive has announced the release date for the next Europa Universalis IV expansion coming next month: April 6th. As it is common with EU4's expansions, Mandate of Heaven is a mix of new content and system changes. On the themed front, Paradox says:

While Europe slowly pulls itself from a period of darkness, the East continues to shine brightly. The Ming throne is set on a foundation of thousands of years of civilization while Japanese warlords do battle in honorable array, holding tight to their bushido code. The gods have blessed Asia with wealth and culture. Are you worthy of the Mandate of Heaven?

Ming China will get to play with Imperial Decrees and Imperial Reforms, as well as demand tribute from neighbours. As for Japan, Paradox says:

Daimyos now owe loyalty to the Shogun – and the Shogun is whomever controls the imperial capital of Kyoto. Force your lesser rivals to commit seppuku to preserve their honor.

As for new global systems, expect historical Ages and Golden Eras:

Meet objectives in four historical ages from the Age of Discovery to the Age of Revolutions, earning new bonuses and powers for your country. Declare a Golden Era to further increase your chance of success.

If you're interested for more information, you can check the official announcement here.

Mandate of Heaven will cost $19.99.

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