Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade free version released


Although envisioned as a persistent open-world war MMO, Warhammer 40k: Eternal Crusade did not meet the expectations at first. However, if you are still curious about it, the developers had just launched the free version. And while they originally planned to let free players play just one class and be food for the Ork waaagh! machine, the free version actually surprises, making all factions and most classes available.

The dev team explains that the free version of Eternal Crusade allows you to choose any of the four factions and lets you try four out of the five classes, excluding only the Air Assault class. All this has a bad side, though: character progression for free players comes at a third of the regular speed.

Yeah, you've read it well. You'll only gain a third of what a premium user will get. However, if you want to get full priviledges and have access to the 5th class and earn full rewards, you can either pay $20 or buy $20 worth of virtual currency.

With the price change comes a gift for those who previously bought the game or acquired it in any ways. If you're a premium user, you will get $20 worth of virtual currency and a bonus copy to give to one of your friends.

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