Cities: Skylines, 3.5 million copies sold


This weekend Cities: Skylines, the grand city simulator developed by Paradox Interactive, has reached the impressive number of 3.5 million copies sold since it has been launched in March 2015. Last Friday it's also been the second anniversary of the city builder's release, so in celebration the developer is launching a new free DLC for the community, which will be "available soon".

Did you ever wish to add a chinese feeling to your metropolis ? The free DLC called Pearls from the East will offer a bunch of China-themed buildings to all players, bringing in "a Panda Zoo, a Chinese Temple, and the famous Shanghai Pearl Tower", all of which should add a splash of Asian flair to your metropolises.

But hey, we're not done here. Pearls from the East is not the only DLC coming soon to the game, as you'll soon be able to incorporate the Mass Transit expansion, which brings in new transit options, such as monorails, cable cars, ferries and flying blimps, among other things. The expansion gives mayor-players the chance to generate extra income by way of fares and journey ticketing.

As it often happens with Cities: Skylines' premium expansions, the base game will also receive a free update — the latest of which introduces "mod-inspired features" to traffic management, and the often requested ability to name roads. Furthermore, the update will bring with it new unique buildings, policies, and achievements.

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