Call of Duty: WWII's first images leak, include a guy with a gun

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Activision announced Call of Duty: WWII with nothing but an image of a lone soldier. The company's plan was to make the actual big reveal on April 26, but for a short period of time, people could get a look at three separate, very small images of the upcoming first-person shooter.

Reddit user Braderz_12 noticed the images on the Call of Duty website's login page. There isn't much to them, but it sure is nice to see a Thompson submachine gun again. However, if you're hoping to get a look at them on the site itself, the images appear to have been replaced.

On top of this, Amazon has put up boxart for Call of Duty: WWII, and it features the same image of the soldier from the announcement. However, we can't be sure that this is the final artwork, and personally, I hope it's not.

Call of Duty: WWII's reveal is set for April 26 at 10 AM PT. There's no word on what will be shown, but if history is any indicator, we'll likely get a trailer that highlights the campaign. We do know that Sledgehammer Games is developing it.

Free N++ Ultimate Edition update adds another 2000 levels

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Today's launch of the free N++ Ultimate Edition update doubles its size to a ridiculous 4340 "hand-crafted, finely-tuned levels."

And in case the game wasn't hard enough for you, the update also brings a new Hardcore mode, "which changes the rules of the game and lets the player see Solo in a whole new light," developer Metanet Software said. "Hardcore mode is all about skill, so it's a true challenge for the Ultimate ninja!"

The Ultimate Edition update also includes 60 new color schemes, new ninja headbands, secrets, and at least one new achievement. And, as mentioned, it is free, while N++ itself is on sale for half-price—that's $8/£6/€8—on Steam.

GTA Online goes old-school with top-down Tiny Racers mode

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Grand Theft Auto didn't always look like it does today. The original, released in 1997, was built around not-entirely-dissimilar over-the-top crime spree action, but featured top-down, arcade style gameplay. It's a look that Rockstar is reaching back to for Tiny Racers, a new stunt racing mode coming to GTA Online next week.

Rockstar didn't have much to say about the mode except that it puts "a new spin on classic Grand Theft Auto action," but the trailer shows groups of four cars racing along narrow tracks, DMA Design style (that was the name of the original GTA studio), battling for powerups including weapons, mines, and parachutes—which look like they'll come in handy, given elevations (and lack of guardrails) involved.

GTA Online: Tiny Racers is set to go live on April 25.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

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Everybody knows those scenes from the movies where the hero is trapped in a room with a bomb and he is given instructions through the phone on how to disarm that bomb, while it slowly ticks down. Have you ever thought how it feels to be that guy ?

Think no more. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes will make you feel just like him.

If you often have gatherings with your friends and you enjoy playing games that will make your brain explode, this game is just perfect for you. You will find yourself disarming a suitcase bomb with multiple modules that only you can see, while trying to describe these modules to other players who have a manual which gives instructions on how to disarm them.

The player defusing the bomb is placed in a room where he can rotate the briefcase with the bomb to see the modules and look for important details that may give hints on how to disarm them. The modules can range from pressing buttons, cutting colored wires to memorization and Morse code reading. The main game includes 33 bombs to disarm, each harder than the last one, but you can choose to try free play mode which has an infinite number of bombs with random modules attached.

The difficulty of the game depends on how familiar you become with the modules. The earlier bombs will not be too difficult to beat, even for a first-timer, but the later ones will require experienced players. Sometimes you will need more than one person to help you with instructions from the manual, so I recommend gathering a group of friends and keep some pens and paper close as you go through the bombs.

The manual can be used in many ways: you can read it on a different computer, making sure that the bomb defuser doesn't see it, or you can swipe through it on your phone. For a more authentic experience and more adrenaline, I recommend printing it.

The game can also be played on Oculus Rift. The most noticeable difference is that playing on the Rift makes it easier for those reading the manual to keep from looking at the screen to see the bomb, while also the same computer to read it.

I recommend trying Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes together with your friends, you will constantly feel adrenaline rush through your veins and you will be sweating bullets. Your mind will be blown.

Name: Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
Developer: Steel Crate Games
Publisher: Steel Crate Games
Released: October 8, 2015
MSRP: $14.99

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