Civilization 6 - 60 turn demo introduced on Steam


Since Sid Meier's Civilization 6 dropped last October, the game had a host of updates, a great number of player-made mods to choose from, and it's Australian Summer DLC. If you didn't experience any of that yet and you wished to try Civilization 6, well, now you're lucky. Today Firaxis and 2K launched a free demo.

"Players who download the Sid Meier’s Civilization VI demo will be able to play as China, led by Qin Shi Huang and take their first steps building a new civilization for up to 60 turns in to the game. For those completely new to the Civilization series the demo also includes the tutorial from the full game to introduce and guide beginners to the world of Civilization."

Alongside the free demo, 2K is running a Publisher Weekend Sale which brings discounts on Civilization 6's full release, 20% off the base game and 25% off the digital deluxe edition, as well as discounts for other popular titles owned by the company, such as XCOM 2 and Mafia 3.

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